Cammisa's Believes In...
being a caring, dependable, and honorable one stop collision repair shop. We are a family, we support the Butler community, and we serve our customers from start to finish.
We are always looking for a new addition to the family
Are you looking for a position at a quality collision repair shop? Cammisa's is always open to new applicants and is always looking to add more bright and talented folks to our family.
Employee Pride
From the body shop, to the paint shop, to the detail shop, we all work together to serve our customers best. Learn more about who and how we work here by clicking this image.
Been in an Accident?
Learn about the steps your should take if you get into an accident. From towing your car, to taking care of your vehicle as quickly as possible, Cammisa's will help you every step of the way.

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Cammisa's Autobody Your one stop collision repair shop As we always say, You'll be a wreck without us!

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